More Sermon Scraps

Light shows us color. God’s light shows us everything.


Holiness is living close to God.


Truth is not abstract. It is a Person we can know, love, obey, abide in, and enjoy!

When we lie, we do so because our sense of self is rooted in something that isn’t the Truth.


The Good shepherd: aka the worthy shepherd, the noble shepherd.

He knows His sheep with a deep, personal, comprehensive knowledge; rather than scare Him off, our weakness draws out His compassionate care.

Jesus doesn’t give us a map for our lives. We are supposed to follow HIM, not a map. Perhaps this is why life paths can look so different for each Christian.

Sheep are called to follow completely, continually, confidently, and in community.


Did you know? To catch a wandering sheep, you have to sneak up behind it, throw a rope around its legs quickly to bind it, then throw the now-struggling sheep over your shoulder and forcibly bring it home. Sheep are pretty stupid, but often our sin reduces us to much the same state.


Jesus moves towards me when I am at my worst. Jesus is 100% committed to me. He doesn’t leave when things get tough. Nothing can separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Rom 8)



One thought on “More Sermon Scraps

  1. J. Schlimmer says:

    Thanks for the snippets, particularly the sheep stuff. Humbling and true. The light bit and the truth bit deeper.. More thinking

    Happy Friday!! And happy last day of vacation!!!!!! Enjoy ☺

    I painted the rest the first half yesterday. Went with the warm white. Looks fine! Off to buy shelving, I hope, then move stuff and paint the other side, hopefully by the end of next week?!

    Loving you!!
    Mom ❤❤
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