Sermon Scraps, part…uh…

Let’s just say I have a lot of these to post. As usual, I’m clearing off my desk. And these thoughts are worth pondering again.

>>         >>

When we have troubles, we go to the people we most trust and believe are most for us.

Prayer is crying out to your Dad in the dark.

>>         >>

The Lord’s prayer is intimate but not irreverent; warm, awe-filled. It is entirely appropriate to ask for more of God in our lives, our work, our legacy. Longing for more truth, love, joy, hope, restoration, repentance; for families centered on Jesus, for more things that smell and feel like God!

>>         >>

You can go to God for little, everyday necessities. You can go to God for things that are bigger than you could possibly imagine.

>>         >>

“Bring your sin and your guilt to me, and I will heal you!”

>>         >>

Fasting reveals how we use food to cover up our frailty. Taking it (or any of a multitude of other things) away shows us our own desperate need for God very quickly.

>>         >>

Means of grace are important! God uses them to bless us (and deliver us from sin) at every turn. If you are listening even a little bit, you will hear His love for you through these means (Bible, prayer, fasting, tithing, meditation, communion; giving, serving, submission; corporate worship, community, confession, feasting).

communion google

Each of these means of grace has no value by itself; they are a means of knowing and enjoying God, and each tends to apply the reality of God in different ways.

>>         >>

Gracious God,

We confess that we often approach You out of Duty rather than love.

We often choose self-reliant slavery rather than standing in Your freedom.

We do not wait eagerly for You. We can be offended by the offense of the cross.

We use our freedom for the flesh, rather than for loving others.

So, we fly to You for forgiveness, refuge, renewed strength, and joy.

Forgive all our sin, known and unknown. Help us to never return to it.

In Your great mercy, help us to never lose sight of You as our greatest treasure.

Help us know that we only truly live, when we live with You.

Hold us fast, in Your overflowing love, and never let us go.

We are Yours by grace and grace alone.


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