Does loving Jesus make you a nerd?

I go back and forth on this “nerd” label. I know (and love!) some people who self-identify as nerds. I myself am quite passionate — yes, to the level of nerdiness — about certain subjects. And, sometimes I meet people who are ridiculously nerdy about things I don’t understand or enjoy — which usually means I end up avoiding them, because their nerdiness makes me really uncomfortable.

I think it’s precisely because I don’t want others to perceive me the way I perceive this last camp of people (annoyingly obsessed with something I can’t stand) that I resist the label “nerd”.

But a while ago, I started to think about why we have these deep, life-forming interests — where do they come from ultimately? Why?

And how do you think about nerdiness as a Christian? About other nerds?

And then, this question: does loving Jesus make you a nerd?

Loving Jesus does change you. Not that everyone who loves Jesus necessarily becomes a ministry/church nerd (granted, it’s a great goal), and with a life of consistent Christian discipleship, He eventually makes us into Jesus nerds.

But on a different level, your profound love for Him should start to change you. To give you true satisfaction and open your eyes to see and love many things in this world of His. And to love them deeply, passionately, intensely. He makes you alive to be more like Him, and to love more in His world.

And… to love the people in His world.

Including those nerds who are TOTALLY into something I don’t get.

I’m still trying to untie that knot in my stomach that forms whenever someone else finds intense delight in something I judge pointless, ordinary, or boring.

But I could start by trusting the Lord, and seeing their delight as a reflection of His image in them.

And that would probably help a lot.


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