“Our standing with God”

It’s cleaning season!

So, of course, I keep coming across these scribbled sermon notes. These thoughts courtesy of DCC’s 2/21 sermon on Gal. 3:1-14 and Pastor Adam.

»         »         »

Three evidences you’ve received the Spirit:

You trust Him. You desire Him (Abba!). And, the fruit of the Spirit is growing in you.

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Faith is living trust in the object of our faith. Legalism is living to prove/earn acceptance from others by what we do; and it’s extremely human to fall into thinking God plays by those rules….even though He doesn’t.

»         »         »

Our striving to find God’s approval is often motivated by fear: “How do I know how God feels about me? How do I get back under His loving care?” When, in reality, we were never out of it, and nothing we did or didn’t do can ever change that.

»         »         »

And finally, faith is more like a relational bond than a concert ticket.

»         »         »


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