Tasty gospel tidbits

More sermon gleanings. Galatians 5:1-15 deals with the freedom we have in Christ, and why and how to stand your ground. So many things want to take away our freedom, but in Christ, we never have to go back to slavery!

Relying on your performance results in slavery to the fear of losing God’s approval. (Which is silly, because nothing can make us lose God’s approval.)

How would you live (sing, laugh, deal with uncertainty….) knowing that God is for you 100%, and that His purposes are good and unthwartable?

In Jesus, our record is Jesus’s record. One day, our perfect righteousness — through Him — will be fully displayed. That’s glory right there, folks. Biblical hope is a confident expectation, a powerful assurance of God and His promise-keeping. Hope isn’t worrying, stressing, or striving, it’s eagerly waiting with expectant confidence, because our Savior King is coming. Wait well.

Point 3 was to embrace the offense of the cross. We aren’t good people; we need saving. There’s only one way to heaven — Jesus. He is our only ultimate hope. Naturally, this is pretty offensive to our pride, but we need to embrace this truth if we want to cultivate freedom from our natural, gross, disgusting, all-encompassing pride.

In Christ, we are also free to starve our fleshly desires, and to serve others instead.

Practically speaking, we are free to overflow in love and practical consideration for each other — roomies, neighbors, community members, family, friends — as an overflow of God’s love for us. Only the gospel can make people like that.

And, because it’s still so good – this week’s corporate confession:


Gracious God,

We confess that we often approach You out of duty rather than love.

We often choose self-reliant slavery rather than standing in Your freedom.

We do not wait eagerly for you. We can be offended by the offense of the cross.

We use our freedom for the flesh, rather than for loving others.

So, we fly to you for forgiveness, refuge, renewed strength and joy.

Forgive all our sin, known and unknown. Help us to never return to it.

In your great mercy, help us to never lose sight of You as our greatest Treasure.

Help us know that we only truly live, when we live with You.

Hold us fast, in your overflowing love, and never let us go.

We are Yours by grace and grace alone. In Jesus name, amen.

–Downtown Cornerstone Church, 20 March 2016, pastor Adam Sinnett.


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