Try confessing your sin sometime. You might like it.

We keep doing these corporate confessions at church. They’re so good.


Holy and merciful God,

In Your presence we confess our sin and offenses against You.

We have wandered from Your ways. We have wasted Your gifts.

We forget Your love. We prefer ourselves and our ways to You and Your ways.

We have learned to live with un-holiness and see it as normal – even desirable.

Take away our roving eyes, our greedy appetites and our lustful hearts.

Have mercy on us, and wipe away our sin, guilt and shame.

Help us see that all things are shadows, but You are the Substance;

That all things are shifting, but You are the Anchor;

That all things are temporary, but You are Eternal.

Convince us every day that to have You is to have everything.

We ask all of this in the name of Your precious Son, Jesus Christ.


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