city living, day 3

I moved last weekend, which means today was Day 3 of city living. (I promise I won’t count *everysingleday* but this seemed like too good an opportunity!)

Today, I figured out where the closest bike shop was (about fifteen blocks away), and took my faithful steed in for some TLC. It’s the bike off-season, and bike shops tend to be pretty friendly joints anyway, so they welcomed me in. They took my ride, showed me the parts they were gonna replace, and jotted down my number. I continued on my way, on foot. They called me, I walked back, and $65 later, my Fuji has got a sweet new back wheel — all spokes intact. On the road once more!

Today, I got to come home between school and more school, and eat my cauliflower on my couch.

Today, I saw rats scurry from corners to darkness; their sleek bodies moving just fast enough that I wondered if they were really there. Then I caught sight of one, lurking not-so-subtly behind a backlight box, and its cylindrical tail was unmistakable. I don’t think I’d ever seen one in the urban wild before.

Today, I walked past some armed policemen outside my apartment, and was thankful that my race means I don’t have to be afraid of them. And saddened for all the real issues around police, social justice, race, living with people who are different than you.

And that, my friends, are some of the little thoughts and experiences I had today, that I was not able to share with a real person face-to-face. City living is complicated and busy and fast, but so far…

…so far, so good.


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