Fruit Flies gone Meta

This post is one of those where I go very meta. Just saying.

We’ve had several fruit fly explosions in our kitchen over the last couple weeks. In our attempt to eat plenty of fruits and veggies, we’ve also somehow managed to attract about a zillion of the little plump, flying insects.

What’s most impressive to me is how fast they multiply. One day you have one, maybe two, acting all innocent. And BAM! the next day there are whole swarms, floating up into your face, exploding in your kitchen. When one inevitably drowns in your beer….well, that’s when it gets personal.

By day 3 (when you’ve finally managed to set a trap) there are 20 or so, floating dead in the trap, and somehow there are still half a dozen renegades in the kitchen, bathroom, living room.

Some things are still beyond me. At least we’re bigger than them.

It makes me remember junior high, when I first encountered the Scientific Method, and some of the earliest theories it produced. Maggots spontaneously generated from rotting meat has, by now, been definitively disproved, but there are days I think it explains our situation pretty well.

It makes me think of sin, too. Each individual sin isn’t that large, or even that ugly (at least, to us, when we’re in the middle of it). But if you don’t take a good hard look at that plump little body and elegant set of wings, and see it for what it truly is — insectoid, parasitic, thieving, life-destroying — it will very quickly multiply out of control.

Far better to smack one or two, when you don’t mind them so much, and avoid the explosion later.

Meta enough for you? 🙂


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