Some thoughts

I forget exactly *which* John Piper podcast or sermon these points come from, but I know they are his originally. I scribbled them on a scrap of paper, but wanted to toss the paper, and leave the thoughts here.

What does it look like, to count everything as loss, compared to knowing Christ?

1) Resolve that if you must choose between something and Christ, you will always pick Christ.

2) Is it helping you enjoy the sweetness of Him? Or pulling you away? If it is not enhancing your enjoyment of Jesus, consider putting it aside.

3) Do everything you can to show the world that Jesus is your treasure.

4) Resolve that you are willing to lose any/all things in the world, without losing joy (i.e. by force, chance, circumstances, choice).

This is of course not to negate the fact that there are lots of wonderful things in the world we are meant to use, love, and enjoy — but rather, guidelines for when our loves come into conflict. Jesus must always win. He is the most supremely lovely of all things and people, and next to Him, everything else pales in comparison.


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